Everyone struggles to find answers to this question: ‘What should I eat so that I can keep myself healthy?’ We have created our website content in such a way that it aids you in the purchase decision-making process. Even if we can clear one of the doubts or myths in your mind, we would regard that as a victory.

Our ultimate goal is to have a loyal fan base of plant-based food eaters. If you choose to go vegan after reading our information, write to us. Tell us what you find useful on this website, but also let us know what else you wish to see here. We are working on creating more content, with plant-based food consumers in mind. That said, we do not think that every piece of information available here only applies to plant-based dieters. Take our blog post about vegan milk for instance. You might want to drink it if you are allergic to livestock milk or you wish to reduce weight.

Do you plan to go vegan? If yes, you might wish to know which food items to add to the diet so that you could meet your daily mineral requirements. With our blog posts, we have got you covered in this regard.