3 Ways To Naturally Sweeten Your Plant-Based Baking Dishes

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

You don’t need to reach out for the container of crystal sugar to sweeten your palate. Matter of fact, you don’t need to go anywhere near that when you are cooking. Mother Earth has in its chest of treasures, many fruits and vegetables that come bundled with sugars, nutrients, antioxidants and fibers- things that crystal sugar can never in a million years have altogether.

These plant-based food alternatives can add in color and tenderness to baked goods. They are a whole lot healthier for you, as cutting back from sugars and sweeteners can go a long way in clearing your arteries, too.

Dates, Bananas And Apples To The Rescue

Apart from sweetening, sugar crystals play the role of improving the texture of baked goods too. There is a need to experiment and get the consistency right. If you end up messing up the ratio, your baked good can end up feeling rubbery.

In plant-based recipes for baking, you can substitute sugars by stirring mashed and overripe bananas. You can even do the same in the case of dates. You can incorporate these into the batters and dough for quick bread, pancakes, muffins and cookies. The thing when it comes to bananas is that it can even add moisture to the baked goods. The dates have an intense sweetness to them and make wonderful additions for when you are making muffins and scones. You can chop the dates into bite-sized chunks to add texture.

To soften the dates, you can keep the dates soaked in hot water for 30 minutes or so. You can then chop them and toss them into the blender- what you end up with is a smooth dates paste. You can use water and dates in a 1:1 ratio to get a perfect consistency.

You can store the dates paste in the refrigerator and use it as a substitute even for your shakes and juices.

You can make use of apples and/or applesauce as a substitute for oils. These too add sweetness to your baked goods. The cooked and pureed carrots, sweet potatoes and beets can be added to cakes and pancakes for moisture and sweetness. Keep in mind that the final product will be denser, so make changes to the ratios to get a perfect balance.

With the use of these 3 plant-based foodstuffs, you can sweeten your plant-based baked dishes effortlessly. It may feel and taste different from what baked goods generally taste and feel like, but over time you can refine your approach.