Best Plant-Based Foods For Vitamin C

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Plant-Based Food

Vitamin C is a crucial nutrient that is essential for carrying out a large number of functions in the human body. It is particularly important for your immune system to fight different pathogens and diseases. This vitamin possesses strong antioxidant properties and can be useful to fight many diseases that can arise from oxidative stress.

Deficiency of vitamin C can lead to a large number of problems like scurvy, anemia, poor wound healing, bleeding gums, etc. Therefore, it is significant for you to get enough vitamin C to carry out your body functions.

There is a large number of plant-based foods that are rich in vitamin C, especially, fruits and vegetables. The following are some such foods that can help to get high amounts of vitamin C.

Kakadu Plums

This food, which is native to Australia, is considered a superfood because of the large variety of nutrients it contains. The vitamin C content in Kakadu plums is a hundred times more than that of oranges. Just one plum can provide you almost 481 mg of vitamin C. Hence, it creates a great option to include in your healthy meal prep plans.

Acerola Cherries

This is another important source of vitamin C. Half a cup of red acerola cherries can provide almost 822 mg of vitamin C. Additionally, eating this plant-based food can provide a lot of other benefits too. It is found to possess wonderful anti-cancer properties and might help with UVB skin damage.

Rose Hips

It is a small, sweet fruit formed on the rose plant and is a good source of vitamin C. About six rose hips can provide you approximately 119mg of this vitamin.

Chili Peppers

Chili peppers are found to provide a large number of health benefits. A compound called capsaicin present in them can help with pain and inflammation. Also, including chili peppers in your diet might increase fat burning.

Just one green chili pepper can give you 109mg of vitamin C, which is more than your daily requirement.


Guava is another plant-based food that is rich in vitamin C. Single guava has 126 mg of this nutrient. Eating guavas daily might help to reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Sweet Yellow Peppers

The vitamin C content in sweet peppers will increase as they mature. One-half cup of yellow peppers contains double the amount of vitamin C present in green peppers, which is almost 137 mg.

Additionally, you can find a large number of other plant-based foods that are rich in vitamin C including oranges, lemons, strawberries, lychees, Brussels sprouts, kiwis, broccoli, kale, thyme, parsley, blackcurrants, etc. Therefore, make sure to add these foods to your healthy meal prep plans to get high amounts of vitamin C.