Can You Go Plant-Based With The Flick Of A Switch? What You Should Know

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Healthy Meal Prep
Plant-Based Meat
Plant-Based Meat

The need to kick out the animal products might have hit you like a ton of bricks. Understanding that changing the way you eat and what you eat can have a positive and a long-term impact on the health and wellness of oneself.

But change, like most things in life, is not simple. It is this ‘difficultly curve’ that all need to go through. This is what separates those who continue to live mediocre and unhealthy lives ridden with disease, and those who are able to make a change for the better.

For those who have come to the startling realisation that they need to go to plant-based foods, the obvious question is ‘how hard is it?’ Is it something that I can do in a short time; Can I go plant-based in a day, a week or a year?

The answer to that question is tied to the person who is asking it.

Understanding The Challenges

Switching to plant-based meats from animal ones; cutting out all dairy- cheese, milk, yogurt and curd; all of this is not easy! Let us get that out of the way. There are inherent challenges and times of self-doubt and lack of self-control that you will feel when you start the journey.

For those who have been a meat-eater for the majority of their lives, the advice we would share with you is to take it slow. Don’t go cold turkey in an instant. Your body has been used to this diet and making a sudden shift will yield several issues and difficulties. You can save yourself this, by gradually eliminating the animal products and dairy substances from your diet.

Keep a diary handy, and write down goals- By when do you want to completely cut out milk? By when do you want to completely cut out cheese or fish? Having a goal written down will help you yourself guide towards succeeding in it.

There is a rule of thumb, that you can make a new habit if you do it continuously for 21 days. The same applies here as well. It will take you 21 days of sticking to a plant-based diet to completely get used to it- mentally and physically.

The Long Road Ahead

Over time, gradually you will find yourself be able to completely imbibe the true plant-based style of eating. You can stop here or go further ahead to going vegan, but that is something that you need to introspect over.

There is no denying the multitude of heath gains in both body and mind, which you will make when switching to plant-based diets.