Fighting Sugar Cravings On A Plant-Based Diet

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Healthy Meal Prep
Healthy Meal Prep
Healthy Meal Prep

Sporadically, a majority of us flounder with sugar cravings, which can be bad for our health. Talking about failing the mission against staying away from sugar, understand that you aren’t alone. There are several others that lose this battle too. As per statistics, the average American consumes around three pounds of added sugar in a week. Many experts say that excessive intake of sugar can result in weight gain, inflammation, heart problems, diabetes, and many more health issues. Understand that there is nothing to gain from added sugar and you will lose your health if you take too much sugar. Anything more than nine teaspoons for men and six teaspoons for women is too much sugar.

Feeling Difficult To Say No To Sugar? 

Sugar craving can be persistent and intense and it can strike anytime, which can leave us vulnerable to sugary snacks or outright binges. You might blame yourself for lack of willpower when you give into sugar cravings. That said, personal discipline alone cannot be directly linked to sugar cravings, there are a lot of other factors. With these cravings, your body might be trying to convey something to you.

The Link Between Sugar Cravings And Mineral Deficiencies 

You might be deficient in some important nutrients that might be contributing to your sugar cravings. Some of the important minerals that you need to ensure in your healthy meal prep to fight sugar craving are discussed below.


A deficiency of magnesium might be making you crave sweets like chocolate, as cocoa and chocolate are very high in magnesium. Next time when you crave chocolates, you can try some plant-based recipes that are rich in magnesium to satisfy your sugar cravings. You can also add plant-based foods rich in magnesium to your diet regularly to see if your chocolate and sugar cravings subside.


Our body does not need chromium in abundance, but deficiency of this mineral can result in sugar cravings. Even a small deficiency of this mineral can lead to blood sugar problems and other issues like anxiety and fatigue. This mineral plays an important role in metabolic processes that regulate blood sugar levels and also helps the insulin hormone to get glucose into body cells. Having plant-based foods like grape juice, garlic, broccoli, whole wheat, basil, and potatoes can ensure proper chromium intake.

In addition to the above two minerals, zinc and vanadium also play a role in sugar cravings. Therefore, you will also need to ensure proper intake of these minerals to fight sugar cravings.