Which Vegan Milk Is Suitable For Me?

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Plant-Based Food

There are many different vegan milk products available in the market. So, it is possibly challenging for a new, uninformed customer to choose the right milk for them. This is why we have created this list of plant-based milk products for them.

Soy Milk

The protein content in soy milk is similar to conventional dairy, so you can use this product as an alternative in almost every recipe without any complication. The product’s fat content is half than dairy, so some manufactures include oil in it to make it work like dairy.

The product is very creamy and is high in protein, which means that it is an amazing complementary option to an espresso-based beverage. Soy possibly has a bean-like flavor, which several individuals like, but you cannot notice the flavor when it is used as a cooking ingredient.

Who Should Select It?

The two types of individuals who would like to use this milk are as follows.

  • Any person who seeks foolproof vegan milk; and,
  • Those who want a low-fat, non-dairy protein source, which can be used easily in most recipes that require milk.

Coconut Milk

The product is full of natural fats, which makes it an excellent option for recipes with high-fat and creamy dairy items, like ice cream and yogurt. The product has a unique taste, and you can leverage it by combining it with banana, mango, chocolate, caramel or pineapple flavor. There are undiluted and canned forms of the milk, and these are appropriate for stews, soups and curries. Besides, you may also blend it with another plant-based milk for a more general purpose.

The fat content in the canned-type coconut milk is excessively high, so it is not the optimal option for coffee. This is because the fat content will destroy your coffee’s foam.

Who Should Go For It?

People who seek to make plant-based cream or a heavier dairy-based dish, which go well with coconut’s taste.

Spelt Milk

This may be the most underrated vegan milk available in the market. When used in coffee, it offers a sweetness which means that you may not have to put sugar in the beverage. This means the product often works best as an ingredient for sweet dishes too. Spelt creates milk having about the same calorie content as cow milk.

Who Should Select It?

The milk is appropriate for people who have an intolerance to gluten and who like sweet-tasting products.