How To Get Started With A Raw Vegan Diet?

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Raw Vegan Diet
Raw Vegan Diet

A vegan diet is devoid of all foods derived from non-vegan sources or foods that involve the use of non-vegan substances in their making. A raw vegan diet is a subset of the vegan diet where you eat vegan, all the while ensuring that the foods are raw or cooked at temperatures lower than 40-45 degree Celsius.

If you eat an omnivore diet, it will not be that easy for you to switch to a vegan diet. It takes some time. In this article, we give a few tips for adopting a raw vegan diet.

Eat Naturally Raw Foods More

Foods like fruits, vegetables, salads, and smoothies are naturally raw. Adding more of them to your diet will help you adjust better with those foods that will make up a major portion of your meals after you have switched to the raw vegan diet. Get used to eating more raw foods.

Go All-Raw One Day A Week

To get used to the raw vegan diet style, eat raw foods alone one day a week. It will be easier and will not stress you out much because you can eat other foods on the remaining days of the week. After you are comfortable with this meal plan, slowly increase the number of days you eat raw vegan foods alone.

Eat Raw Foods Till Dinner

If your family doesn’t eat raw vegan foods much, it will not be easy for you to eat raw foods alone when you are having meals with them. In that case, you can eat raw vegan foods until dinner when you are eating with your family. Even during dinner, try to eat 50% raw if you can. There are several raw vegan options that your family will also enjoy. Encourage them to have the foods as well.

Switch To A Raw Vegan Diet Overnight

This option is not practical in all cases but some find it to be the best way to adopt a raw vegan diet. It is possible especially if there is some strong reason behind your decision to adopt a raw vegan diet. It could be illness or the concern for animals that inspired you to go vegan. If the reason is strong enough, you will not find it hard to switch to a raw vegan diet overnight.

Raw vegan diets offer several health benefits but considering that it is a strict subset of veganism, you should ensure that your diet does not lack any nutrients.