Interesting Facts About Plant-Based Milk

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Plant-Based Milk
Plant-Based Milk

There are many different forms of plant milk products available in the market. Every vegan has these items to thank for their successful transition to a plant-based diet. When switching from one diet to another, you will want to use alternatives to your previous food items and drinks. The same applies to milk too. If there were no plant-based milk in the marketplace, then vegans would have been forced to do without it. Here is a list of fun facts regarding the plant-based substitute for milk.

It Is Also Known As ‘Dairy-Free’ and ‘Non-Dairy’ Milk

Vegan milk does not have any kind of dairy component in it, and it lacks any other animal-based ingredient. Therefore, vegan milk producers use descriptors such as ‘non-dairy’ and ‘dairy-free’ for the product.

It Is Not Just Vegans Who Use It

Vegans are supposed to drink this form of milk because it is a written rule of veganism. That said, even non-vegans drink it for health-related reasons. For instance, if you are either allergic to livestock milk-based proteins or lactose intolerant, then you might want to switch to the vegan alternative. Another potential reason to use this product as a substitute for livestock milk is to reduce weight. It is possible to have weight loss with it because it will have fewer calories than the livestock derivative.

It Can Be Categorized Into Five Types

You can classify vegan milk according to the base component or core ingredient of the product. Here is an attempt to group it into five forms.

  • Legume-Based: This can include soy, peanut, and cowpea milk.
  • Cereal-Based: Some of it can be rice, corn, spelt and oat milk.
  • Nut-Based: Some of your potential options here are almond, hazelnut, coconut, walnut, and pistachio milk.
  • Pseudo-Cereal-Based: Your potential options include teff milk and quinoa milk.
  • Seed-Based: Hemp, sunflower, flax and sesame milk can be some of your seed-based product options.

There Is A World Day Devoted To It

Are you aware that there is an event called ‘World Plant Milk Day’? It is celebrated on August 22 each year. To celebrate it, you only have to drink this product on the day. Another interesting fact is that the event was introduced as a response to the annual ‘World Milk Day’.

According to the event website, drinking vegan milk is potentially healthy partly because it can aid in preventing diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.