Top Five ‘Accidentally Vegan’ Food Items

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Plant-Based Recipes
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Plant-Based Food

You may expect some food items to be plant-based products, but actually, they might not be so. Then there are accidentally vegan food items, meaning products not made with plant-based food eaters in mind. In other words, these products just happen to be vegan items. Even if some of the following products are not available in your area, you can make these at home using plant-based recipes.


Popcorn is a vegan-friendly product unless some animal-based ingredients are added as flavorings or otherwise. It is usually made with whole seeds of maize or corn herbs. When buying it from a store, do not forget to look at the product label to ensure that there is no non-vegan component in it.


This is a well-known food item in many parts of Asia, especially the Middle East and India. Jalebi is what many individuals refer to as a form of ‘comfort food’ because it causes one to feel happy. Jalebi is not necessarily created to serve vegans, but this fact does not make the product lower in value. Be wary of eating too many of these, though, because doing so may increase your body weight.


There are several restaurants in the United States of America that serve Dosa, the food item made from rice and black gram. There is also dosa batter available in stores as packaged goods, so you can easily make the product at home. You may also use the homemade batter with those two ingredients to create dosa at home. No matter where you have it, in its traditional form, dosa is a fully vegan product. It is also ‘accidentally vegan’.

Traditional Bread

Commercial-grade bread items sold in physical outlets may contain non-vegan ingredients. Anyhow, conventionally, it is made with yeast, water, salt and flour. Now, some of you may not regard yeast as a vegan ingredient because it is a form of microorganism, but most plant-based dieters consider it vegan-friendly. Yeast and the other ingredients that go into traditional bread are all vegan-friendly. Even People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) regards almost every bread product as being appropriate for vegan dieters.


This food item is made mainly from yeast. There is no animal derivative added to it as an ingredient, so the product is suitable for every vegan. Besides, it is an excellent source of plant-based B vitamins.